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download cooking videos

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April 15, 2007

April 15, 2007

I had never notied Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia before until the demo hit the Xbox Live Marketplace. I downloaded the demo, fired it up and fell in love. The best way I can think to describe Monster Madness is a meal cooked up by Tim Burton made from the humor & zombies from Dead Rising, the weapons from Small Arms and the controls from Geometry Wars.

After I figured out the controls I was hooked on the quirky art style, the top down camera and the endless assualt of zombies. These are not Resident Evil zombies mind you, the undead in Monster Madness haul ass. I was running and gunning, but in this game I was running AWAY while I was doing so.

I'll write more about the game after I take the demo for a few more test drives. Looking forward to trying out the co-op as well as the versus modes.

Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia is set to hit May 16 - so it might have to wait until after the Halo3 beta - but you can bet I'll be picking it up as soon as that is over.

Fumbling With Plex

Fumbling With Plex

Set up my MacBook Pro as a media server for the TV. Not sure I'm liking it that much. I'd like something with an interface like Plex which can just list files, too. I've tried other similar software (like XBMC, etc.), and they all have the same problem — they just want to completely manage your media even when in some circumstances you don't want it. It's just plain annoying if I have to have to manually add files each time I want to send some random video I've downloaded to it.

Furthermore, these applications' autodetection sucks ass. It tried to label the first season of Avatar as some cooking show in Australia and the third season as the third season of Seinfeld. FMA: Brotherhood was detected as The Rifleman, a 50's black & white TV show. Ridiculous.

Right now the PS3 is still looking to be the best option for me.

download cooking videos

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