Cooking A 21 Pound Turkey

cooking a 21 pound turkey

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    a 21
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Hey people of flickr! how have you guys been doing? busy like i am?

anyway today im excited becuase my cousin who is 21 and is realllyy talented when it comes to photography is comming here for the first time in a long time tonight! Im so inspired by her! shes been in magazines, shes done photography for restraunt menus, has done photo covers for an upcomming country artist.. weddings, etc. and she just amazes me soo much with what she is doing! she lives in California so we dont get to see her often..So, tonight we are having her my aunt and uncle over for a big dinner!

itll be 16 people in total so im helping my grandma cook the 20 pound turkey and help her peel the 10 pounds of potatoes shes using for her famous homemade mashed potatoes!<3

so yeah itll be fun! i cant wait to see her portfolio shes bringing and to show her my work to see what she says! <3

talk to you guys laters! Have a supper day!<3

Turkey Cooking For The Dogs & Me

Turkey Cooking For The Dogs & Me

First off let me correct something I said in the video. I said I got a 21 pound turkey for 9 pounds. What I meant to say was i paid $9 for a 21 pound butterball turkey. I decided to cook it today and then me and Jimmy Dean, Link and Frank can snack off it for a few days or more. While it was cooking, I cooked up theheart, gizzard, liver and neck - when done, I gathered all the meat from the items, chopped them up and gave them to the boys for a treat.

cooking a 21 pound turkey

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